3-year-girl among victims killed in Beirut blast

An adorable three-year-old girl was revealed on Saturday to be among at least 160 people killed in the massive Beirut blast.

Little Alexandra Naggear was thrown from her mother Tracy’s arms inside their high-rise flat when the second blast occurred last Tuesday night at the port building in Lebanon’s capital, The Daily Mail reported.

The youngster and her family were watching the initial blaze at the site housing 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate when the explosion rocked the city.

“They were on the balcony just watching like most people,” Alexandra’s grandfather, Michel Awwad, 60, said.

“My daughter said she saw a huge grey object falling from the sky and she started screaming for them to run inside.”

Tracy scooped up her daughter and retreated away from the window.

“But the pressure of the explosion was so intense and she couldn’t keep hold of her and they flew inside the house,” Awwad said.

The parents dug Alexandra out of the rubble and drove her on a motorbike to a hospital. But she died three days later.

Alexandra’s father Paul, 36, reportedly blasted the government in a TV interview and said his daughter is “not a martyr, she is a victim.”

The health ministry on Saturday said 21 people were still missing following the explosion that killed at least 160 people and injured more than 6,000.

Violent anti-government protests have swept across Beirut as many Lebanese citizens have blamed leaders’ incompetence for the deadly explosion.

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