Death toll rises to 23 in Mexico City metro accident

A section of the Mexico City subway structure that passed over a road collapsed on Monday night causing chaos in the southeast of the capital and leaving at least 23 dead and 70 injured.

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Three hours after the event, which took place around 10:25 Monday night, the number of hospitalized rose to 65; seven of them were in the operating room in serious condition. Among the deceased, there were minors although the authorities did not specify the ages.

It has been a tragic year for the most used means of transport in the Mexican capital, as the metro system has suffered fires and other accidents in recent months.

The first happened in early March 2020, when two trains collided at the Tacubaya station on line 1 of the metro that runs from Pantitlán to Observatorio.

According to the report, one of the trains was carrying out a maneuver to park at the Observatory; however, the control was deactivated and the train slid in the wrong direction on the prolonged slope until it hit the other train that was parked in Tacubaya.

March 2020 Accident at CDMX Metro

The accident occurred around 11:37 p.m. between train number 33 and train number 38, according to the Collective Transportation System (STC), Metro.

The accident left one dead and 41 injured, of which 25 were treated at the station and did not require hospitalization, as they had minor injuries.

The next event was at the beginning of the year, in January 2021, the capital authorities reported a fire at the facilities of the STC Metro Central Control Post, the control center for the entire city metro system.

Around five in the morning, a fire was registered in the central offices of transport, firefighters and paramedics arrived at the scene to help those who were inside the building, with people trapped on floors 4 and 5.

The Secretary for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection reported that the fire occurred due to the oil spill in four transformers that were on the first floor, these feed energy to Lines 2 and 4 of the SCT Metro.

Monday, May 3 Accident at CDMX Metro
Monday, May 3 Accident at CDMX Metro
Monday, May 3 Accident at CDMX Metro

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