Flights to Puerto Vallarta increasing 400%

National and international travelers continue to arrive in Puerto Vallarta, it is expected that flights will increase to more than 400% by the end of November.

For this month of November, it is expected to close with a 410.9% increase in the number of flights compared to the figure registered in June; It will go from 322 in June to 1,323 flights already documented for November.

In hotel occupancy, the expectation for the end of November is to reach 45%, since on weekends they are already above 40%; Thanksgiving weekend will be active as American travelers seek to celebrate in the destination’s warm weather.

According to Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP) in Puerto Vallarta, the number of domestic and international flights has continued to grow, going from 322 in June to 1,006 in October.

Puerto Vallarta received 289,100 national and international air passengers between June and October. This figure came after the reopening of its main attractions, such as beaches, tourist routes, mountain and water activities.

Hotel occupancy continued to increase, in September it registered 30% occupancy and in October it reached 40%.

The destination’s tourism industry has worked as a team with state authorities for recovery; the state government implemented a meticulous management of the pandemic for the economic reactivation of all sectors, including tourism.

The destination continues to work towards its reactivation, for this reason it applies constant and specific actions of promotion, advertising, marketing, public relations and digital strategy.

The path is to promote a responsible recovery, following the guidelines set by the state government, said Luis Villaseñor, acting director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Promotion and Advertising Trust.

It should be remembered while traveling, Mexico is seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases, as much of the world. Jalisco just experienced another 14-days of restricted activities that ended last week and mask mandates are still ordered in Puerto Vallarta and business occupancy is limited.

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