Tourism in Puerto Vallarta is making a comeback as vaccinations reduce fear in travel

Throughout the week, the second dose of coronavirus vaccines will be applied to 32,760 people over 60 years of age and medical personnel in Puerto Vallarta, offering certainty to the people who live here, but also to tourists.

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With that, the expectation is good for a recovery of tourism in Puerto Vallarta where the first weeks of the pandemic registered hotel occupations as low as 2%. Now the city is seeing occupations exceeded 50%, explained Germán Ralis Cumplido, Secretary of Tourism in the state.

“As we advance in vaccinations in all destinations and populations, we will give certainty to the public, and as tourist destinations have higher vaccination levels, surely we will also send an important biosecurity message.”

Ramón González Lomelí, director of Tourism and Economic Development, explained that they have seen an increase in reservations of foreign tourists, mainly from the United States and Canada, for spring and summer months, something unusual, since foreigners generally travel during the winter to escape colder temperatures in the north. He considers that this is because they are beginning to receive the second dose of the vaccine and are ready to travel and see Puerto Vallarta as a safe destination.

Now what is needed, he said, is that the rest of the Vallarta population be protected from the virus. “We have many service providers at those ages eligible for vaccinations now, and we would also like it to drop the age limits a little, to be able to vaccinate other segments of the population,” said the official.

Tourism and trade, the most affected

According to the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism, it will be necessary to promote the certification of safe companies that comply with anti-Covid-19 sanitary measures and inform travelers of sanitary protection measures, since the reactivation of tourism is key for economic reactivation, said its president, Raúl Uranga Lamadrid.

“We see people more optimistic despite the effects that the pandemic has had on their businesses, we see that optimism and it comes a lot due to vaccinations and as it progresses, it reduces issues of hospitalized people and deaths, it is generating confidence so that people to go out again to consume, to have fun, to buy and to travel ”.

What is the Covid-19 situation in Vallarta?

In Puerto Vallarta, 6,874 cases and 308 deaths have been registered in just over a year of pandemic, while at the state level there are 235,913 infections and 11,302 deaths, which is why both tourism service providers and authorities have committed to bringing back the economy in the city, ensuring that the municipality is a safe space to travel while noting the importance of respecting the protocols to prevent infections.

It is still recommended to wear masks, social distance, and wash your hand frequently. Being aware of your surroundings and following health guidelines can allow you to have vacation in the safest way possible.

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