Twin British sisters attacked by crocodile while vacationing in Mexico

Two identical twins from the United Kingdom suffered a chilling and terrifying experience in the middle of their vacation in Mexico when they were attacked by a crocodile that left one of them in critical condition.

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Melissa Laurie, 28, was swimming in a lagoon at night with her twin sister Georgia on a beach located about 10 miles from the city of Puerto Escondido, a popular surf resort with British tourists, when the crocodile attacked, grabbing Melissa and dragged her under the water.

Amid the chaos and confusion, Georgia called for her sister and plunged into the water to look for her. In the gloom she could identify Melissa’s body, she was floating face down on the surface, everything was dark and several minutes had passed since the attack.

Georgia went to the rescue of her twin but while she was holding her in her arms and trying to swim towards the boat, the crocodile attacked them again, forcing the woman to fight, hitting it repeatedly until it was lost in the dark water.

According to statements by Sue Laurie, mother of the twins, to British media, both women were seriously injured by the reptile bites, but Melissa bore the worst because she was about to drown and is now fighting for her life in a Mexican hospital.

“Melissa is alive, but we don’t know if her injuries are life-threatening or not. She has water in her lungs and he has been coughing up blood. So we don’t know if she has a punctured lung or not,” Laurie told Mail Online.

The 28-year-old woman works as a zookeeper and her twin sister is a diver, this experience helped – according to her relatives – she could save her sister at the critical moment of the crocodile attack.

Although Georgia also ended up with bites all over her body, she managed to get out of the water along with Melissa, after an intense battle with the crocodile that attacked them, when the woman punched and kicked the crocodile in the snout to scare it away.

The twins had taken a boat trip to the Manialtepec lagoon, which is a coastal lagoon described as a natural phenomenon of bioluminescence.

A place rich in biodiversity, the lagoon is created by saltwater from the Pacific Ocean, freshwater from the Manialtepec River, and the deep waters of the lagoon itself.

Tourists, like the British twins, take night tours to gaze at the unique glowing bioluminescent waters at night. Swimmers are cautioned that crocodiles that can grow up to ten feet long live in the lagoon.

Despite the warnings, the twins’ father claims the tour company assured the sisters that there were no crocodiles in the water.

“The girls specifically asked if it was safe to go swimming and the guide said yes,” Sean Laurie told British media.

The twins had started a trip this year where they planned to visit different parts of the world. They left the UK in March and their intentions were to return in November.

But those plans were tragically interrupted by the encounter with the crocodile. Now, Melissa is in a medically induced coma, Georgia has lacerations and bites all over her body, and her parents are trying to get to Mexico to bring them home.

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